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For Immediate Release
(03 November 2000)
Bruce Heiman
(202) 662-8435



Group Says Resources Will Help Government Protect Nation’s Critical Information Infrastructure

Washington, DC-- Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) Executive Director Bruce Heiman today thanked Congress for adequately funding various critical information infrastructure protection programs. "We are pleased that the Administration and Congress are working together to adequately fund these programs which are so essential to protecting the security of the Internet," said Heiman. "They are designed to improve the security of government’s own systems or are based on voluntary cooperation with the private sector."

Heiman specifically pointed to funding for the following programs:

  • $4.9 million for the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO);
  • $150 million increase for information assurance programs within the Department of Defense, including $18.6 million to accelerate the Department’s public key infrastructure (PKI) program, $16 million for information security awareness, education, and training, and $15 million for an information security scholarship program;
  • $3.9 million for additional Justice Department attorneys to investigate and prosecute cybercrime;
  • $3 million for the creation of an expert review team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology; and
  • various internal agency critical infrastructure protection activities.

"While not all of the bills containing these programs have been signed into law yet, we feel confident that these will be the final spending levels – and we are pleased with them," stated Heiman. "This funding is vital because computer security affects everything from our office email to business-to-business commerce to our national defense.

"ACP has consistently urged Congress to adopt a balanced approach to protect our nation’s critical information infrastructure that adequately funds programs for law enforcement and government computer security (including funding for information systems security personnel) and reject efforts to impose technological mandates on the private sector or authorize widespread government surveillance or monitoring," concluded Heiman.

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