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For Immediate Release
(28 July 1999)
Sue Richard



Washington, DC-- The following statement was issued today by Ed Gillespie, Executive Director of Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) in response to the Clinton Administration’s proposal for the formation of the Federal Intrusion Detection Network (Fidnet) computer monitoring system:

"I am amazed by a report of an Administration proposal to establish 'Fidnet' to protect Americans' electronic information and our nation's critical infrastructure from electronic attack, at a time when it is demagoging legislation on Capitol Hill that would provide the very protections they say our country so desperately needs. Strong encryption is the solution, offering the protection for our data networks that law enforcement and national security agencies seek, without establishing a ‘big brother’monitoring system.

Like the third-party key recovery plan advocated by the FBI, this 'big brother' approach to dealing with the technological realities of the 21st century is an affront to the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. America’s law enforcement and national security needs are best served when the strongest possible encryption is used to protect our nation’s infrastructure. Only then will we eliminate the current vulnerabilities of federal government systems, as pointed out just this week when the Labor Department cited problems with the release of sensitive data. In response, the Labor Department recommended the use of strong encryption.

Federal dollars would be better spent on new technologies and training that would enable the government to deal with threats to our networks, rather than creating new bureaucracies that would cost millions—and could be abused by law enforcement agencies."  |  © 1998 - 2003 Americans for Computer Privacy  |  Site Credits  |  Privacy Policy

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