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Encryption technology bolsters your privacy

ACP Takes Encryption Message to TV, Print and Internet

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"Husband and Wife" TV Ad
"Our Nation's Infrastructure" TV Ad

"Spare Key" Web Banner Ad
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Details on the Campaign

On July 22, 1998 Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) announced details of phase one of its multimedia advertising campaign, focused on educating the public and lawmakers on the encryption issue. Unveiled at a Capitol Hill news conference, the campaign includes 30-second television spots, one-page print ads and a far-reaching online component.

"Our messages are straightforward and convey the concerns of American consumers," stated ACP Executive Director Ed Gillespie. "The ads draw attention to the flaws in current encryption policies which threaten the security of our nation's infrastructure and put our technological leadership at risk. They also point out the threat to privacy posed by an FBI-backed proposal that would require Americans to turn over encryption 'keys' to government-approved third parties." more...

Press conference speakers (in order of speaking)

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Ed Gillespie
Director, Americans for Computer Privacy
Jonah Seiger
mindshare Internet Campaigns, LLC
Rep. Bob Goodlatte
Sixth district, Virginia

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Sen. Patrick Leahy
Sen. Conrad Burns
Rep. Zoe Lofgren
Sixteenth district, California

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Rep. Rick White
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