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For Immediate Release:
June 3, 1998
Sue Richard/Bryant Hilton 202/625-1256

The following statement was issued today by Ed Gillespie, Executive Director of Americans for Computer Privacy, in response to inquiries about the June 9th meeting between FBI Director Louis Freeh, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and CEOs representing a number of high-tech companies, including some ACP members:

"ACP has been engaged in discussions with the FBI and the national security community over the past two months on the encryption issue. While Senator Feinstein has not been part of this continuing dialogue, we view her June 9th meeting as a productive part of a series of discussions focused on the law enforcement aspects of the encryption issue. ACP's on-going discussions with the Administration will be a focus of those CEO's representing ACP members at the meeting."

Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) is a broad-based coalition that brings together more than 90 companies and 40 associations representing financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, high-tech and transportation, as well as law enforcement, civil-liberty, pro-family and taxpayer groups. ACP supports policies that advance the rights of American citizens to encode information without fear of government intrusion, and advocates the lifting of current export restrictions on U.S.-made encryption.

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