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For Immediate Release
January 20, 1999
Sue Richard or Kristin Litterst


Americans for Computer Privacy Issues Statement on Encryption Policies

San Jose, CA--(January 20, 1999)--The following statement was issued today by Ed Gillespie, Executive Director of Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) at a news conference at the 1999 RSA Data and Security Conference and Expo:

"Within the last twenty-four hours two announcements have been made which reinforce ACP's position that U.S. encryption policy continues to be out of step with the technological realities of today's global marketplace.

France, whose encryption policies have been among the most restrictive in the world, is reported to be moving away from encryption controls. ACP is encouraged to learn that the French government is beginning to recognize that attempts to impose such controls are unworkable.

Secondly, yesterday's announcement that a computing team was able to decipher a secret message encrypted with the United States government's Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm in a record 22 hours and 15 minutes points out the weakness in 56 bit DES. Using commonly available technology, the team demonstrated that current policies favoring DES fail to recognize its vulnerability."

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